Tips to Make an Executive Career Change Fast

May 28, 2013

Changing Careers, Résumé

Get Hired Fast - executive career changeYou have a job as an executive but you are not completely happy with the job you have now. You think you might want to make a change. Once you decide to make this executive career change, you should take some steps to help you find another job as fast as possible.

Be Confident

Most recruiters can sense confidence in potential candidates from a distance – even as they walk in the door. You have to show the hiring manager your passion about your work and that you have the confidence to do the job correctly. Don’t let your confidence slide over the line into arrogance – that is not attractive for any potential employer.

Think About Your Options

You are looking to make a job change so you need to take some things into consideration. Do you want the same position at another company? Perhaps you want to change industries. Maximize your opportunities by looking at both larger and smaller companies as well as similar positions in other industries. You are looking to make a move – look at your options!

Determine Your Transferable Skills

As an executive, you may find that there are fewer opportunities in the same category as your job so you may have to expand your search. What other skills do you have that you can transfer to other job descriptions? As an executive, you may have used management skills, negotiation skills, or project management skills that you may be able to use in other positions. Look at a variety of job descriptions to get some ideas of other executive careers for you!

Create a Job Plan

You need to make a job plan – you have to treat your job search like a job in itself. Some things you should include in your plan:

  • Schedule some time each day for your job search – even if you have another job during the day.
  • Work on your resume.
  • You can join different groups on to make connections, keep up on industry trends, and hear about job opens.
  • You should select a few job boards to monitor. There are general boards like or or you can look for niche boards that service specific industries. You can set up job alerts that let you know if a position that meets your requirements is posted as well as spending some time every week looking at the available positions.

Network Strategically

This should also be a part of your job plan. Many jobs are found through connections and networking so you need to incorporate an aggressive networking plan into your job search. Different types of networking events include industry shows and conferences, association meetings, and business networking events. When you make contact with people that can hire you at these events, make sure that you give them your “elevator speech” and get their contact information.

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