Where to Search for Jobs: Best Cities for Accounting and Finance Positions

Get Hired Fast - where to search for jobsAlthough the economic downturn has made it difficult in many industries, accounting and finance took a significant hit. You may wonder where to search for jobs in these areas. Here are a few cities that may offer better options for finding an accounting or finance job.

San Francisco, CA

San Francisco is recovering well from the economic recession with an employment rate of 7.1% in February 2013. Venture capital is plentiful and numerous healthcare, technology, and finance companies make this city their home with at least 20 Fortune 500 companies in the Bay Area. With such a large concentration, these companies may have a need for accountants or other types of finance experts. Jobs that may be in demand include accountants with an average salary of $61,690, and finance managers with an average salary of $103.910 per year.

Denver, CO

The unemployment rate in Denver has been decreasing over the past year; unemployment in February 2013 was 7.2%. The oil and gas industries are undergoing a period of growth as is the local manufacturing industry. As the economy improves, there is more need for cost accounting professionals with a median salary of $68,200, and tax preparers with a median salary of $41,700. There may also be a need for renewable energy finance experts and treasury experts as these companies grow.

Paramus, NJ

This is a very popular shopping mecca in the United States and is also home to pharmaceutical companies and manufacturing. While New Jersey as a whole is still struggling with unemployment rates of 9% in March 2013, Paramus’s rate are somewhat lower as a suburb of New York City. There is a need for accounts receivable, accounts payable, collections clerks (median salary of $34,030), and staff accountants in this area; if you have an advanced degree, your opportunities may increase.

Chicago, IL

Chicago has been the home to a wide variety of industries – from manufacturing, pharmaceutical companies, financial industries, and education. Chicago’s unemployment rate is higher than the national average at 11.3%, but there are still opportunities available for people with advanced degrees or MBAs. There may be a need for payroll specialists (median salary of $62,200) and accountants (median salary of $61,690) even with the higher unemployment rates.

Other cities that may hold opportunities for finance professionals include Portland, OR, Nashville, TN, and Miami, FL.

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