You May Need More Interview Tips and Strategies: 5 Ways to Tank Your Interview

May 14, 2013


Get Hired Fast - interview tips and strategiesYou have a job interview at the end of the week. This typically means that you are a leading candidate and if you shine during the face-to-face portion, this job could be yours. However, just because you may be a favorite for the position, there are still ways that you can ruin the interview. Here are five actions that can tank your interview as well as some interview tips and strategies that can help you avoid them.

Don’t be too Early

Most people know that being late for an interview is a no-no. However, being too early is also a challenge as well. The person that you are going to speak with may not be ready for you if you are 45 minutes early – leaving you to sit in the in the lobby for a long time.  Everyone is uncomfortable in that scenario. If you are more than 15 minutes early, go to a nearby coffee shop or restaurant to kill time. However, don’t let that then make you late. Early is always better than late.

Being a Yes Man (or Woman)

While you want to be positive during the interview, you don’t want to say “yes” reflexively to anything the interviewer says. The hiring manager may tell you about some of the more challenging aspects of a job – too much overtime or tense corporate culture – don’t just nod and spout off inane platitudes about how great that aspect is. Give an answer that demonstrates that you considered your words and that you have thought about the workings of the company. Every question is not necessarily a trap; the interviewer may be interested in your actual interest level.

Answering Your Phone

Ever-present technology makes it easy to stay in contact at all times. However, don’t answer texts or phone calls during the interview; your interviewer will mentally check your name off the candidate list. There may be a few exceptions to this rule – sudden death, impending labor, or crisis with a child which can easily be discussed with the interviewer beforehand. But for the most part, that call or text can wait.

Desperation is not Attractive

Most interviewers can sense desperation when you finally hit the interview door. While it may be stressful to look for a job, you don’t want your frustration to be obvious in either your attitude or your answers. You want to show your enthusiasm and your skills – not how much you need a paycheck.

Have Inappropriate (or No) Questions

You need to have some well-researched questions on hand; these questions should make it obvious that you know something about the company and have spent some time considering any issues or challenges facing the company. Asking a question that the interviewer just went over makes it look like you were not paying attention. Having no questions makes it look like you were ill-prepared.

Acing your interview is an important part of your job search. For more information on improving your interview skills, sign up for our Get Hired Boot Camp today.

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