A Summer Detour in Your Careers Job Search

June 24, 2013

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Get Hired Fast -careers job searchEven though it is important to look for a job that will help you further your lifetime aspirations; however, sometimes you need to find a job to pay the bills. Since it is summer time, it may be a good idea to look for a summer job to help tide yourself over during your long-term job search.  Although these positions may not be part of your careers job search, there are some well-paying summer jobs that may help you get by.


During the summer, there may be more opportunities to be a lifeguard – either indoors or outdoors. If you have the appropriate certifications (for example, Red Cross Lifeguard Certifications), lifeguarding might be an option while you are looking for other work. Lifeguards don’t make a lot of money with the average yearly salary of $23,000. Most lifeguards don’t get benefits like health insurance but they do tend to get other benefits like gym or club memberships and flexible schedules. There are around 125,000 positions in the US; there is around a 13% job growth expected over the next five years.


There will always be a need for people to care for other people’s children. There are almost 1.3 million babysitters/childcare workers in the United States. There is an expected 20% growth in positions through 2020 with an additional 262,000 jobs. For regular babysitting, you may not need any special training; the work may be full time but you also may have some irregular hours. The average salary for a babysitter is $19,300 a year or $9.28 per hour. It is possible to get overtime and tips as a babysitter as well.

Home Health Aide

With the changes in the health care system, many more people are being cared for at home – this is where the home health aide comes in. The BLS estimates that this job position will experience 70% growth from 2010-2020. There were around 1.8 million positions in 2010 and another 1.3 million on the horizon. The average salary for this position is $20,649 or average hourly rate of $9.70 or so. Overtime may be available for this position as well.

Other summer jobs that might help tide you over during your job search include retail sales clerk, pharmacy technician, housekeeper, or food server. For more tips on finding a temporary summer job, you can sign up for our GetHiredBootCamp.com today.

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