Career Job Search Tips for New Graduates

June 12, 2013

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Get Hired Fast -career job searchNew graduates face different challenges than people how have been out in the work force for a while. Since for many new grads this is the first time looking for a job, the search is done in somewhat unchartered territory. Here are some career job search tips for new grads.

Be Proactive

Being a college student is often a laid-back or relaxed existence; however, entering the real job world may require more proactive work. Looking for a job will require an detailed action plan; it is rare that a person gets a job without putting forth a significant amount of effort. You should select companies and positions of interest and determine the best method of contact.

Develop a Network

You spent much of your college time meeting people and having a good time. Now you need to shift gears to look at your network of contacts to figure out who can help you with your job search. Don’t limit your network to your friends from college – your parents and grandparents have friends who may be connected with the companies you are interested in. You also know people from your childhood and other activities; all of these people may have contacts that you can use. Cast a wide net!

Hone Your Resume

Your resume should be a statement about your goals and aims. Use your resume to show what you have to offer potential employers. Many new grads have not really thought about what they have to offer so when you are creating your resume, take time to consider this. You also should tailor your resume depending on the job you are applying for. Small tweaks that incorporate terms from the job application may make your application more attractive.

Maintain Professionalism

You have to make sure your reputation is ready for professional scrutiny. While social media may have been home for all of your party pictures but now that you are looking for a job, social media can be your worst enemy. You will need to clean all of your social media sites of things that may put you in an unflattering light because employers look nowadays.

Use the College Career Office

Your college career office can be incredibly helpful in getting your job search started. The officers can direct you to network opportunities, can review your resume, and can look at your cover letter as well. The office cannot do your job search, but can help point you in the right direction.

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