Find Employment: Great Careers for MBA Graduates

Get Hired Fast - find employment Just because you have an MBA degree doesn’t mean that you have your exact career already mapped out. Sometimes you get the degree, but you are not exactly sure where to take it next. If you want to find employment, here are some good opportunities for people with MBAs.

Management Analyst

Management analysts help companies and other organizations improve efficiency and other processes. While it is not necessary to have an MBA to be a good consultant, many companies prefer utilizing analysts who have the degree. There were over 718,000 positions in the US in 2010 with an expected growth rate of 22% through 2020. The median salary is $76,180 but there is opportunity to earn more depending on the situation.

Human Resources

Human resource specialists help hire, recruit, and train workers; they may also be involved in employee relations, training, payroll, and benefits. With an MBA, you may be able to advance to management in the human resources department. There were over 442,000 positions in human resources in 2010;  because almost all companies have HR departments, this area is expected to grow by 21% over the next few years.  The median salary for HR specialists is $52,690; management positions may earn more.

Financial Advisor

You don’t need a master’s degree to become a financial advisor but if you want to get into management, an MBA may pave the way; it could also increase your opportunity to gain clients as well. There may be different areas in which you can work as a financial advisor such as securities, insurance, or other financial, healthcare, or technical services. There were approximately 206,800 financial advisors in 2010. BLS estimates that the field will grow by 32% which is above average. The median salary for financial advisors is $64,750; someone in management position should make more.

IT Manager

If you have an undergraduate degree in a computer science-related field, you may be able to parlay your MBA into an IT manager role. Since most large companies have computer and IT manager positions, it may be possible to find positions in a broad range of industries such as finance, manufacturing, government, and management. There were 307,900 jobs in this area in 2010. As many companies will be switching their computer systems or incorporating more of their processes into computer systems, the Bureau of Labor Statistics believes that this position will grow at 18% over the next five to seven years. This job also offers a competitive salary with median earnings of $115,780 per year.

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