Interview Tips and Strategies: What Not to Wear at Your Interview

June 6, 2013


Get Hired Fast -interview tips and strategiesFirst impressions are difficult to change so you want to put your best foot forward at your job interview.  No matter what industry you are interested in, dressing on the conservative side would be the best plan. Here are some interview tips and strategies to dress your best at your job interview.

Wild Nail Polish

This applies to both men and women. While nail polish has become a common way to express yourself, it is not a good idea to express yourself during a job interview. Leave the bright colors, funky designs, and nail jewelry at home. Really long nails are not a good idea either.

Jangling Jewelry

Your hiring managing should not be able to hear you coming down the hall because of your bracelets. Avoid wearing more than two rings on each hand as well. Ankle bracelets should be skipped until you get the job.

Too-Short Hemlines

Your skirt should not be more than three inches above your knees; when you sit down, you may give the interviewer an unwelcome show. While capri pants are very hot right now, they are not appropriate for interview attire. The same thing goes for leggings too.


Even for less conservative companies, a turtleneck is probably not a good idea. A tie is probably best for most interviews. You should at least wear a shirt with a collar.

Open-Toed Shoes

These are not considered professional attire so don’t wear sandals to your interview. You also want to avoid mules or other backless shoes as well. A nice pair pumps or flats would fit in at all types of interviews.


No matter how laid-back the organization is, denim is probably frowned upon as interview attire. Even if you know that people at the company wear denim to work, you don’t want to establish that level of comfort before you get the job.

Low-Rise Pants

Low-rise pants are too casual for a job interview. They also tend to hang low – especially when you sit down – and may give everyone a show. Keep the low-riders for the club and stick with a nicely tailored suit.

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