Job Search Advice for Teachers

Get Hired Fast -job search adviceIf you are a teacher, the cutbacks associated with the recession may have affected your job prospects. However, circumstances across the country are improving so there may be more opportunities for you to find employment in your chosen field. Here are some pieces of job search advice for teachers.

Visit Local School Systems

You should visit the human resource departments of local school systems and universities to find out what positions may be available in each one. You can submit your information in person if possible. If there are no current vacancies, you should ask the HR manager if you can submit an application for future openings; you can also inquire about when other jobs may be opening up. Remember most schools look to start hiring a few months before the school year starts.

Build and Work Your Network

Friends and family can be very helpful when looking for a teaching position. You should make sure to let your network know that you are in the market for a position. People who you know who have children in specific school districts may know about what is happening in those districts faster than you; they can alert you to hiring surges.

Get to Know the Administrators

If there are specific school districts that you are specifically interested in, take time to meet and get to know the administrators in that location. Increasing your face-time with the hiring managers will increase your odds of getting a position when it comes open.

Being a Substitute is not a Bad Idea

Consider substitute teaching opportunities – especially in the district that you are interested in working in. By accepting this type of work, you can get to know people who work in the school and establish relationships; you also become a known quantity for the school itself. When a position becomes available, you will already have a track record working with the students and other faculty at the school.

Look for Other Opportunities

While you are looking for a teaching position, you should also look into other types of teaching jobs. If you have been a teacher, there may be opportunities for tutoring, working as a corporate trainer, adjunct faculty positions, or positions at a university. Keep your options open and you may find something that works well for you that may not be exactly what you thought you wanted.

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