Job Search Advice for Veterans

Get Hired Fast -job search adviceSince there are still a significant number of veterans unemployed, many people – both in government and industry – are trying to develop ways to help vets find jobs once they return to civilian life. To this end, new online tools are available to assist veterans in finding employment. Here is some job search advice for veterans.

New Online Technology: Military Career Coach

Military Career Coach is an application developed by Accenture and LinkedIn to help veterans with the entire job search process. Veterans can get help writing resumes, interviewing, and creating their online profiles. The coaching side of the website includes instructional videos and articles; veterans can get some coaching help with career planning and interviewing as well.

Accenture provides content from some of their recruiters who have been in the military before. LinkedIn offers information about building the profile, joining groups, and creating an online professional identity.

New Online Technology: RallyPoint

RallyPoint is like the LinkedIn for the military. When it first launched, it was open to active military personnel, National guard, Active reservists, and the ROTC; however, as of Memorial Day, the social network has opened up to veterans. The website allows vets to grow their networks – both inside and outside the military. RallyPoint also helps translate your military experiences into digestible information for civilian companies. Only non-classified information can be entered into the site and only trusted members can gain access to the complete website.

Using Social Media

Using social media to help find a job is very important for veterans – although many people in the military may not be overly familiar with social media like LinkedIn before leaving the service.  Using social media works a bit differently for veterans because they are coming to the job search with different skill sets and different terminology for some of the same positions.

Figuring out ways to translate military experience into corporate experience can be challenging. One way to help build an online identity is by writing guest blog posts about areas of expertise; this can be done on specialty blogs or through a site like LinkedIn. This helps raise your online reputation as well as helps you build connections. Vets can use Facebook to build a professional page and discuss topics of interest as well.

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