Looking for Employment: The Best Websites for Nonprofit Jobs

Get Hired Fast - looking for employmentWhether you are looking for a second career or want to shift gears in your first career, working for a nonprofit organization can be challenging and personally rewarding. However, many people may not know where to look for a nonprofit position. Here are some websites you can use if you are looking for employment in this sector.


Idealist is a job board with nonprofit positions as well as volunteer opportunities. Companies that post positions here typically look to find solutions to social and environmental problems. Some positions that you may find on this website include jobs at FairTrade USA, the STS Foundation, or Work for Progress. The average salary for jobs at FairTrade USA is $85,000; $22,000 at the STS Foundation, and $53,000 at Work for Progress. There are a variety of jobs listed on this website which may offer a number of opportunities for you.

Opportunity Knocks

Opportunity Knocks lists nonprofit jobs and also has a nonprofit job salary report that you can purchase if you want to get some assistance on determining the going rate for a nonprofit position. The website also lists some of the best nonprofits to work for like Second Harvest Food Bank of Santa Clara and San Mateo Counties; the average salary of directors for this food bank is $128,000. Another good nonprofit company according to Opportunity Knocks is the Georgia Lions Lighthouse Foundation where the average salary is $26,000. Other companies to consider include Fiver Children’s Foundation, Smart Grid Consumer Collaborative, and Plant with Purpose.

Encore Careers

Encore.org allows people – especially those over 60 – find rewarding jobs with both purpose and passion. The goal is to allow people to find new ways to work while offering something to the world. One of the top Encore job fields is the nonprofit sector. Your job options should include many of the skills you used in your for-profit life.

For example, if you worked as a counselor or had your own clinic, you could become a mental health counselor for a nonprofit agency (average salary $32,370). If you were an accountant, there may be opportunity for you as a Senior Grant Accountant with Non-Profit Experience (average salary of $55,000). No matter what your prior experience was, there is probably a perfect opportunity out there for you.

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