One of the New Job Search Strategies: CareerSonar

Get Hired Fast - job search strategiesThere may be a way to combine your Facebook and LinkedIn contacts into a powerful tool for looking for a new job. CareerSonar is one of the new job search strategies that can incorporate your lists of connections with job possibilities. It could simplify your search when looking for a job.

Listings from Job Boards

CareerSonar uses both your LinkedIn and Facebook contact lists. First, the technology gathers job listings from across the Web and corporate career boards; then, these jobs are ranked according to the strength or quality of your connections at that particular company. You can find potential positions at companies where you might have a connection that you may not have known about originally.

Since it combines information from both Facebook and LinkedIn, it may remove some of the awkward searching for contacts that might be able to help you when looking for a new position.

Ask for a Referral Feature

Besides identifying possible opportunities for employment, CareerSonar also gives you the opportunity to directly reply to the contact about the position. CareerSonar has a pre-populated email that references the job/company in question and allows you to ask your contact for an advice or additional contact. You can edit the email to personalize it. This email can help cut down on procrastination in your job search – you may find an interesting job with a contact at the company, and all you have to do is send out an email to get the ball rolling.

Sonar Alerts

If you are not currently looking for a job, CareerSonar can alert you regularly to job opportunities that may be available as well. This can be adjusted to daily, weekly, or a different timeframe as you wish. You can create the job searches that you are interested in so the technology will keep looking for job opportunities. This is similar to other services that send out jobs that you might be interested in but again this includes both LinkedIn and Facebook opportunities.

There are questions about the interactions with Facebook as many people do not put all of your personal information on this networking site. However, so far it seems that there is enough information available for enough people to allow the technology to work effectively. As more people join, it can only get better.

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