Protect Your Resume during Your Career and Job Search

During your career and job search, your resume will be viewed by a large number of people that you don’t know. Is the information on your resume safe? There are some steps you can take to protect your personal information on your resume.Get Hired Fast - career and job search

Be Selective about Your Contact Information

It is customary to have your contact information on your resume, but that information can be taken by people with nefarious plans to steal your identity. You still have to put some information on your resume so be careful of what you use. You should remove your home and work addresses, your home and work phone numbers, and your email address if it can be traced back to you or your place of employment.

Replace the standard contact information section with your personal email or cell phone number – remember that you want to use information that can’t be traced back.

Modify Your Employment History

Your employment history can be illuminating as well. Your current job can lend clues to your personal information if a person is inclined to find it. Remove any information that directs someone only to your present employer. Remember that your current employer may also be interested in finding out about your activities as well. You should replace your company name with generic – but accurate – information. Your job title should also be generic especially if your title is a distinguishing one.

Be Careful about where You Post Your Resume

Where you post your information can also lead to problems. There are so many job boards available for job searches today; however, all of these boards may not be legitimate websites. Make sure you know who owns the site and who has access to your information. You should Google the website to get more information; you should also be able to find comments about the site from other users online to help you understand a site’s reputation.

Another important step is to check the website’s privacy policy. A reputable website will have a privacy policy so if you don’t see one it’s probably not a good place to leave your private data.

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