Resume Tips: Different Types of Resumes that You Should Know About

Get Hired Fast -resume tipsWhen creating your resume, you want to find ways to make your document stand out. Looking at non-traditional resume formats may give you some ideas about improving your existing information; however, non-traditional resumes may not work for everyone. Consider these resume tips when you think about ways to give your resume a facelift.

Infographic Resume

In an infographic resume, you use images and graphics to illustrate your skills and history. It has become a rising trend, but you should think long and hard before you create one. First, good infographic resumes usually require the assistance of a designer – which costs money. Then you have to consider the type of job you are applying to. Creative careers may work well with this type of resume, but other industries may not appreciate the change in format. Even then you may want to check with the company before sending in the infographic document; otherwise, your resume may end up in the trash and you would never have a clue.

Video Resume

Another type of non-traditional resume that seems to be popular is the video resume. A good video resume explains who you are and why you are the right fit for the job; this video should be no more than two minutes long. Again, this type of resume may not work for everyone – all hiring managers do not accept video resumes. You also should consider other ramifications like Equal Employment Opportunity Commission issues; some companies have legal reasons why they are not allowed to use these videos in hiring employees.

If you decide to create one, you need to make sure that the company accepts them and that you do a great job. A poorly-done video is worse than nothing at all.

Social Resume

Social resumes involve expanding your traditional resume and including your social media sites like LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, or Google+. This allows employers find out more about you that does not necessarily relate specifically to you current job. This is more like a portrait of your online presence. You need to add information about your past positions to the personal information section on your social media sites. You can also build out your presence with links that are specific to your experiences.

Of course, you should spend some time looking at what is on your pages to make sure that no inappropriate information on your sites.

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