Smart Phone Applications to Help with Your Career Search

Get Hired Fast -career searchWe spend a lot of time on our Smart Phones these days; some of that time can be used to help with your career search. There are applications that can help with networking, resumes, and job searching itself.


This application was developed using as LinkedIn as a basis and can facilitate networking for all occasions. First, you sign into your LinkedIn account and add information about when you will be able to meet and where. You can use the application to search for other professionals in your neighborhood that might be free at the same time. You can then invite other people to meet. This helps with your networking ability.

Business Card Reader

What good is networking if you lose the business card of the person that you just met? Business Card Reader is one of several applications that can transfer your business cards into a useable contact list. Scan the business card in and a new contact is added to your list. This particular application is for android devices but there is a version available for the iPhone as well.

Job Compass

Job Compass is an application that allows you to search for positions in relation to your current location. The app places them on a map; if you find a position that you are interested in, you can email it to yourself. You can add specific criteria for your job search to narrow it down.


This application takes information from Twitter job updates and allows you to apply in one step. You have to have a Twitter account for this to work. This is a free iPhone application.

Pocket Resume

Pocket Resume allows you to create, maintain, update, and change your resume from your Apple or Android device. This application creates the original layout for you. If you are trying to get your resume together on the fly, this application will pull the latest information from your LinkedIn profile to populate the fields on your resume. You can then send your resume to DropBox or to PDF. Using this application will allow you to be prepared with a resume at all times.

There are a number of applications that can help you with your job search. If you do some additional searching, you can find even more. For more information, you can sign up for our Get Hired Boot Camp today.

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