Some Informal Opportunities to Apply Your Networking Skills

Get Hired Fast -networking skillsYou don’t have to wait for networking breakfasts and lunches to expand your network. There are other opportunities where you may be able to apply your networking skills. Many of the fun events that you may attend on a regular basis offer you a good chance to network and meet new contacts.

Charity Events

Many people with similar interests gather at charity events; this makes it easier to start a conversation with other people and find folks who might be helpful in your career search. Standing near a high traffic area like the beverage table or refreshment table places you in proximity to people as they travel back and forth.

Use this opportunity to start introductory conversations with different people – ask questions about fairly generic and innocuous things about the event – to make contacts. Try not to be pesky and make sure you are mindful of the flow of the event so you won’t upset others.

Sporting Events

We all know about the importance of networking over a game of golf or racquetball but there are other sporting opportunities that may be useful for this purpose too. Those weekly soccer and baseball games for your kids also offer chances to expand your network as do collegiate or professional sporting venues. Since people often start conversations with others at events like these, you should have a brief pitch about what you do and want to do in the future. Keep it light because you still want to connect with this person.


While weddings are a time of joy and happiness, they also are great for meeting people across all walks of life and from different places. You can spend the cocktail hour, reception, or the receiving line expanding your network. You are standing around with little to do during those times so it is perfect for getting to know other people.

There are so many people at the wedding – it is likely that you will meet up with someone who can help you with your job search. Use your brief pitch and weaving it into the introductory conversations in the receiving line or at the dinner table.

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