Tired of Typical Job Searching? Visit Your Muse

June 19, 2013

Job Hunt

Get Hired Fast - job searchingMost job searching websites have the same basic set up – job postings that you can apply to and some articles aimed to help you in your job search. For a little different flavor in your job search, you can try a newer website called The Muse. This website notes that it acts as a gateway between you and a job. Here are some features that may assist in your search.

Company Profiles

Currently, this website will only accept listings from companies that they vet. The Muse publishes a profile on the website and generally gathers testimonials from current employees. This information helps you search for companies by culture and environment; you can get a sense of what it would be like to work for the organization before you apply or accept a job. It is like window-shopping for your next employer.

The Daily Muse

The Daily Muse is a section that focuses on articles about careers and finding a job. These articles are written by volunteers and guest contributors who cover topics from jobs in specific industries to negotiation to business travel. Originally this section was geared to professional women – and still leans that way — but the site owners do welcome male readers. The articles may offer insight that readers may not have obtained any other way.

Job Listings

Of course there are job listings on The Muse, but they don’t look like most job sites. The listings are very attractive with classifications – like job level or location – up front. There is also a link to pictorial and video information about the specific company (the profile). There is information about life at the company, video vignettes from current employees, and pictures of the main office. You do get a full description of the open position; there is a link to the application which does not necessarily go through The Muse website.

If you find a company that you are interested in, you can find all positions available at are listed. You can also look for jobs by experience level, location, or job type. Currently there are only positions from certain participating companies on the site, but hopefully that number will increase.

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