Where to Search for Jobs if You Want to Work Overseas

Get Hired Fast -where to search for jobsWorking overseas has a lot of appeal for many people, but it may seem difficult to find a job in another country. You can find a position overseas using some of the same skills that you might use to find one in the United States. Learning where to search for jobs overseas can make the possibility less frightening.


Networking is always an important tool in a job hunt – either in the US or some other country. Do you know someone who is already working overseas? Do you have any acquaintance that knows someone that is located or working in the country that you are interested in? That often is the easiest way to find an opportunity in a foreign country. This person can also act as a helpful reference for you in finding this job as well.

Your Current Company

Does your current company have some positions available in a different country?  Large multinational corporations often have positions in other countries that you may not know about if you don’t investigate. First, you should look at the advertised openings at your company to see what might be available overseas. If you don’t see anything, you should touch base with your supervisor or human resources department to let them know your interest. This may get you into the queue so when an appropriate position opens up, they will likely get in touch with you.

Job Search Engines

There are job search engines that may specialize in specific localities. There are also job boards that look to hire foreigners for jobs overseas. Look for the best job boards – these will be more likely to list real jobs with companies that understand the process of getting a person into another country for work. This will require some investigation so be patient. You can also look for blogs in the country that you want to move to; you might be able to get some information from locals about the best job boards. Either way, you should be very cautious because you don’t want to get caught in a scam. Don’t give your personal identifying information and don’t send any money overseas.

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