Direct Your Career Search towards Your Personality Type

July 18, 2013

Changing Careers

Get Hired Fast - career searchThere are several different forces that may drive your job search. You may work for the money or you may look to work for the fulfillment. If you want to be fulfilled by your job, you need to focus your career search to positions that will make you happy. Looking at your personality type may help you narrow down your job choices.

The Leader

As a leader, you are the take-charge type – you are confident and have good communications skills. You don’t like when things are disorganized and like to organize both people and projects. You also don’t enjoy following. Careers that work well with this personality include business administrator, manager, lawyer, systems analyst, and scientist.

The Artist

You like to create things. Rules and schedules make you uncomfortable and you want to be able to go in your own way and on your own time. You don’t enjoy stressful situations and tend to live in the moment. Good career options for this personality type are graphic artist, musician, writer, advertising executive, and chef.

The Thinker

As a thinker, you like to work alone and don’t like being told what to do. You are not a leader or a follower but hold yourself to high standards.  Thinkers are objective, logical, thick-skinned, and responsible. Jobs that work well with this personality type include medical doctor, engineer, professor, researcher, and computer programmer.

The Fixer

Fixer personality types like hands-on work and like to try to figure out how things work using facts and knowledge. You also like to solve problems and make decisions in your head. Jobs for this personality type include mechanic, pilot, police officer, scientist, and business analyst.

The Strategist

Difficult challenges and problems are very interesting to you. You value detail and are analytical, rational, and logical. You thrive in stressful environments and make a good leader. Your standards are high and you seek structure. Good jobs include physician, judge, dentists, military officer, and corporate strategist.

The Feeler

Your energy is directed outward and you are very attuned to what others are thinking and feeling. Practicality is important to you and you look for realistic solutions to problems. You tend to be structured, dependable, and service-oriented. Careers that might suit this personality type include social worker, childcare worker, nurse, retail worker, or administrative assistant.

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