Job Search Advice: Summertime Interview Tips

Job Search Advice: Summertime Interview TipsWe are in the heart of summer, but that does not mean that your job search is over. You may be looking for a position just for the summer or for a longer-term position; however, you may find yourself interviewing during the summer months. There are a few pieces of job search advice to help make sure your summer job interview does not go off the rails.

Don’t Schedule on Friday

The conventional wisdom is that you try to be as accommodating as possible when a company wants to schedule an interview. However, during the summer, you may want to shy away from interviews on Friday. Many hiring managers and other employees go on vacation during the summer and take long weekends. You don’t want to schedule your interview and risk being forgotten about in the crush of a vacation.

Dress Up

Summers are pretty casual and many businesses have more casual dress codes during the summer. Even if the business tells you to dress casually for the interview, err on the side of dressing up. Many people have a hard time telling the difference between business casual and beach casual. You don’t want to give the wrong impression up front; dressing nicely will give the manager the best impression.

Be Patient

The hiring process is often slow in general but during the summer, it can be especially slow. Since the hiring managers and recruiters take vacations during the summer months which can slow down your candidacy. It may take longer to set up the interview, longer to get a response, and longer to negotiate the deal. You have to be ready to hurry up and wait during the summer.

Relax and Take Your Time

It’s hot during the summer and travelling to your interview may lead to sweating and destruction of your well-put together status. Racing to your interview in the heat can make you wet and smelly – two things that you don’t want at your interview. Plan your time wisely so that you can go into the restroom and check yourself. During this spot check, you can put on extra deodorant and make sure you look your best.

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