Learning New Skills that can Help You in Your Careers Job Search

July 22, 2013

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Get Hired Fast - careers job searchDuring your careers job search, you may find that some of the positions that you are otherwise qualified for require skills that you do not possess. This does not mean that you are out of luck or necessarily need to go back to get another degree. However, there are opportunities to update certain skills with online classes or courses.


All most every firm needs someone who is able to code. In the past, you had to learn code by taking either community college or university courses. Nowadays, you can learn code in the comfort of your own home – by trial and error or through taking online classes. One place where you can take online classes is Code School. Here you can learn a number of programming languages and web design skills to make yourself more attractive to employers.


If you want a job in the creative industry, your odds of finding a position would be higher if you have graphic design skills. There are a number of programs that companies use to create designs for their advertising and marketing initiatives and using them takes knowledge and practice. Team Treehouse gives you the opportunity to learn to use these tools and to learn coding as well.

Content Marketing

Content marketing has become a booming business because consumers have learned to ignore television commercials and skip over magazine and online ads. Content marketing offers useful content aimed to market to specific markets; many companies have incorporated this into their overall marketing plan. If you want to become proficient at this skill, Copyblogger offers ebooks and online courses to teach the ins and outs of content marketing. These skills may make your more attractive to companies looking for marketing and advertising personnel.

Search Engine Optimization

Companies now look for personnel who can help create engaging online campaigns; search engine optimization (SEO) is also a part of these campaigns. The demand for SEO specialists has increased so if you have experience in this arena, your job opportunities may increase. Distilled.net is a search marketing agency but they offer training to help you become an SEO expert.

If you add one of these skills to your repertoire, you may be able to get that job that you almost completely qualified for.

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