Places for Nurses to find a Career Outside of the Hospital

July 3, 2013

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Get Hired Fast - find a careerIf you have a nursing degree, you may decide to first look for a job at a hospital. However, there are other opportunities for you to use your nursing experience without leaving the nursing profession. Here are some other places to look in order to find a career.

Rehabilitation Centers

After long hospital stays or serious surgeries, some patients are sent to a rehabilitation center for further recovery.  These patients may still have significant care requirements so there will be a need for some moderate to high level nursing care. Nurses at these centers also help patients regain skills in order to be able to take care of themselves when they return home.

If you are certified as a rehab nurse, there are several positions that you could have at the center: registered nurse (average salary $68,911), nurse case manager (average salary $62,555), registered nurse supervisor (average salary $73,100), or chief nursing officer (average salary $103,777).

Dialysis Centers

There has been an increase in kidney disease and more patients on dialysis. Many dialysis companies offer dialysis seven days a week; they need registered nurses to manage the machines, tend to the patients, and deal with any emergencies that may occur. There are probably several dialysis centers in most towns for you to investigate. The median salary for this position is $63,864.

Drug Rehabilitation Centers

Another option for a registered nurse is the drug rehabilitation center. There are opportunities for both inpatient and outpatient care for these nurses. In either case, you have to be able to manage the symptoms of withdrawal or the recurrence of pain. You will also need training in dealing with the mental aspects of addiction because that is a significant part of the recovery; this includes some patient education as well. The average salary for a drug rehabilitation nurse is $60,000.

Nursing Homes

While this may not sound like a glamorous job, working in a nursing home could be a stable job opportunity for you.  There may also be options like nurse case manager or utilization manager that may allow you to participate in patient care without the day-to-day work. Registered nurses can make an average of $51,512, the nurse case manager can earn $64,339, and an assistant director of nursing can make $61,607.

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