SMART Job Search Strategies

July 1, 2013

Goals, Job Hunt

Get Hired Fast - job search strategiesHaving trouble finding a job? Perhaps it is time to employ SMART job search strategies that are based on management strategies in your quest. Using these concepts may help you reinvigorate your search and help you find your dream job.


While looking for a new position, you need to be specific about what you want. If you just make a general statement about wanting a job, it makes it more difficult to achieve; ambiguity will not help you with your job search. Narrow down what you want as much as possible – use “marketing executive” instead of “executive,” or “Math teacher for 5th graders” instead of “teach.” This is help you focus on the positions that actually meet your criteria and keeps you from wasting resources.


Your goal has to be measurable so you can tell how you close you are to it. Making it measurable does not have to only apply to the end point of a new job – you can assign yourself daily or weekly measurable endpoints so you can track your progress.


Your job goals must be something that you can actually do. Select a job that you have the appropriate training or experience for; if additional training is needed for a position that you are interested in, you need to take steps to get that training. You also have to understand how you plan to achieve your goal and each step in between needs to be attainable as well.


Being realistic does not only apply to making sure that your job goal is something that you are qualified for; it also means that your timeline needs to be realistic too. For most people, the perfect job will not appear in one week and you typically won’t get hired that quickly even if you find the right job. Establishing realistic goals will help keep you organized and moving forward.

Time Bound

You also need to set deadlines as you go through your job search. Maybe you want to apply for a certain number of jobs by a certain time or you want to network with a specific number of people over a limited timeframe. Writing down or making a note of your deadlines will keep you on track.

This is a way to keep your job search organized. You may need to reevaluate different steps at different times to make sure that they are clear and actionable; clarifying by tweaking your original thoughts may help you get closer to your new job. For more information about job search strategies, sign up for our today.

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