What are Characteristics of the Best Job Search Websites?

best job search websitesYou often see lists of the best job search websites but not very much information about what makes a website great. What should you be looking for when you find a job search website? There are many specialty websites and you should know if one is a good site to use.

What Is the Privacy Policy?

It is important to find out what the privacy policy for the website is. If there is a privacy policy, you should read it and make sure that you understand what can happen with information that you enter on the site. If the site does not have a policy, it should make you suspicious that your information may be misused.

What is the Level of Trust?

Has the website been rated by other users? Organizations like BBBonline or TRUSTe may have information about the website from your peers. You can also do a web search looking for reviews of the website to see if other people have been complaining about it.

What is the Cost?

Does the website cost money to use? Do they demand money before you have the opportunity to browse for jobs? This may be a reason to be suspicious. There are many free reputable job websites so you could start with one of those.

What does the Site Look Like?

If the design of the website gives you a headache or is difficult to navigate, you will be less likely to regularly use it in your job search. Find a website with a design you understand or like.

Do They ask for Personal Information?

Do you have to give out your information before the website will allow you to look for any job listings? This may be an indication that the job site is not on the up and up.

What is the Age of the Job Postings?

If the job posting have been on the website for a long time, the odds are that the position may have already been filled. The newer the job listings, the more likely they are still open. Check to see if the dates of the postings are available in the site.

Where Do They Get Their Job Postings From?

How do the job listings get on the website? Some postings are listed by the hiring manager for the company itself but other postings may be added by agencies. If the job is added by an agency, that is just any additional party that you have to deal with when trying to find a job. If the job comes directly form the company, you will deal directly with the company.

These are some issues you can look at when you are checking out a job website to make sure your information is safe and you will get good use of your time when you use it.

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