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Will You Search for a Job in Your Late 60s?

September 3, 2012

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Encore Career Job Search

Tweet Fox Business recently ran an interesting story taking a look at the growing number of senior citizens who are embarking on encore careers – second careers that they start after retiring from another business. People are living longer today. Because of that, retiring in one’s mid-60s isn’t financially feasible for many people. That begs […]

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Asking “Help Me Get a Job” Isn’t Enough Today

January 30, 2012


Help Me Get a Job Fast

Tweet Asking others “Help me get a job,” simply isn’t enough today to find work. Jobs remain scarce, even with the national unemployment rate dropping in December. To find new work today, you have to know how to get a job. And sometimes that means working with a professional. Money is tight today. But some […]

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Learning How to Job Search: The Key to Finding Work in 2012

January 10, 2012


How to Get a Job in 2012

Tweet Want to know how to job search for 2012? Well, relax and take a breath because we’ve got some good news for you on the employment front. First, the national unemployment rate in November finally dropped below 9 percent, hitting 8.6 percent. Then the Associated Press reported that unemployment applications dropped to their lowest […]

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