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Expect the “Help Me Find a Job” Request to become more Common

June 21, 2012


Tweet For 11 months, the national unemployment rate fell. It was a nice feeling. Unfortunately, May had to come and during that month, the country’s unemployment rate actually rose from 8.1 percent to 8.2 percent. But it was disappointing news, sending the stock market reeling to a huge drop. You can bet that a loud […]

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Learn How to Find a Job to Shorten the 10-month Job Search

June 5, 2012


Tweet If you’ve been searching for a job, you’re probably not surprised to learn that the average job search today takes an exhausting 10 months, according to figures from the U.S. Department of Labor. That sounds intimidating, but if you know how to find a job, you can dramatically reduce the number of months you […]

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Know Where to Search for Jobs When Scanning Online Job Boards

May 8, 2012


Tweet The Internet has made searching for a job more convenient. Now when you want to apply for a position, you can zip off your resume by clicking a button on an online job listing. This ease of applying, though, might give job seekers false hope. You may be applying for dozens of jobs a […]

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Searching for Work? Learn how to Job Search Online

March 22, 2012


Tweet You probably think you know how to job search online for new jobs. But if you’re limiting your search to the big job boards – the Monster.com, Careerbuilder, and Ladders of the world – you’re dramatically lowering your chance of finding new work in 2012. The simple truth is that the biggest online job […]

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The Best Job Search Advice? Don’t Let Negative Media Reports Discourage You

March 16, 2012

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Tweet It’s easy to get discouraged when searching for a job. But our best job search advice? Don’t let the negative media reports on your local jobs market discourage you in your efforts to find new employment in 2012. For instance, it’s long been held that the national unemployment’s rate drop to a three-year low […]

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Need to Find Employment? Try a Social Media Job Search

February 10, 2012


Tweet Social media sites have gotten a bad rap in the traditional media, which many commentators blaming sites such as Facebook and Twitter for leading to a decline in civility across the country. But a new survey by Pew Internet disputes this view. And this survey might change the way even old-school job hunters feel […]

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