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Your LinkedIn Job Search: Tips to Optimize Your Search

April 12, 2013


Get Hired Fast - Linkedin job search

Tweet LinkedIn is a mainstay in your job search, but there may be ways to get more out of LinkedIn. Once you establish your profile, make some connections, and join some groups of interest, you can still use a few tricks to optimize it to your best advantage. There are always other things to learn […]

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Looking for Job Search Strategies? Try a LinkedIn Job Search

October 12, 2012


Get Hired Fast - linkedin job search

Tweet How useful are social media sites for finding a job? If that social media site is LinkedIn.com? Very useful. In fact, a LinkedIn job search might be one of the most effective ways to find a job in today’s challenging economy. That’s because LinkedIn, unlike sites such as Facebook or Twitter, is focused squarely […]

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Can’t Someone Help Me Get a Job?

August 7, 2012


Get Hired Fast - help me get a job

Tweet “Can’t someone help me get a job?” How many times have you asked that question as your efforts to find employment have stretched on for months? The good news is that other people actually can help you find a new job. You just have to practice the important art of networking. At its most […]

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You know where to Search for Jobs, but do You know how to Search for Jobs?

May 9, 2012


Get Hired Fast - where to search for jobs

Tweet You know where to search for jobs. You’ve mastered the art of finding the best online job listings in your field. You’ve networked with your former bosses, co-workers and college professors. You regularly attend the luncheons thrown by your area’s chamber of commerce. You post about your efforts to find a job regularly at […]

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Don’t Know how to Job Search? Ask Those Who’ve Succeeded

April 12, 2012

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Get Hired Fast – how to job search

Tweet It’s not difficult to find neighbors, family members, and former co-workers who, like you, are out of work and struggling to find a new job. After all, the national unemployment rate is still far too high. What is more unusual, though, is to find someone who actually knows how to job search properly; someone […]

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Searching for Work? Learn how to Job Search Online

March 22, 2012


How to Job Search Online

Tweet You probably think you know how to job search online for new jobs. But if you’re limiting your search to the big job boards – the Monster.com, Careerbuilder, and Ladders of the world – you’re dramatically lowering your chance of finding new work in 2012. The simple truth is that the biggest online job […]

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Looking to Find Work in 2012? Take On a Job Search Careers Plan

February 24, 2012


Unemployment Benefit Extension 2012

Tweet Those looking for work received some good news recently: It appears as if Pres. Obama and Congress are close to a deal that would extend long-term unemployment benefits. And that’s where job search careers come in. According to news reports, unemployed residents of most states would have 63 weeks of unemployment benefits after the new […]

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Know How to Find a Job? Don’t Forget a LinkedIn Job Search

February 20, 2012


LinkedIn Job Search Tips

Tweet The LinkedIn job search can be one of the most powerful tools for job seekers hoping to find employment in 2012. Unfortunately, too many people looking for a job don’t take advantage of the unprecedented reach that LinkedIn provides them. We all know that the key to finding a job today lies in networking. […]

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The Best Jobs Today? It Includes Social Media Job Search

February 14, 2012


Social media job search officially

Tweet You want to conduct the best job search possible. You want to give yourself every advantage in finding work. After all, today’s job hunting market is a challenging one, with countless qualified candidates searching for the same jobs that you desire. The solution to this challenge? It’s time to conduct a social media job […]

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Need to Find Employment? Try a Social Media Job Search

February 10, 2012


Social Media Job Search for Networking

Tweet Social media sites have gotten a bad rap in the traditional media, which many commentators blaming sites such as Facebook and Twitter for leading to a decline in civility across the country. But a new survey by Pew Internet disputes this view. And this survey might change the way even old-school job hunters feel […]

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