Even the Best Job Search Websites Won’t Tell You how to Find a Job Today

Get Hired Fast - how to find a jobHere’s a sobering fact about today’s jobs market: With the national unemployment rate not fated to fall below eight percent any time soon, finding a job today at even the best job search websites remains a near impossibility. The competition for open positions is just too high. Fortunately, there is a better way to find a job today: networking. If you don’t know how to network today, you don’t know how to find a job, either.

Networking is all about using your business connections to find those jobs that aren’t listed on the online job boards. When you get a job lead through networking, you aren’t competing with dozens of equally qualified candidates for one open position. Your odds of actually finding a job, then, are greatly enhanced.

How Networking Works

Here’s how it works. You call up a former boss, one with whom you’ve parted on good terms. You schedule a lunch meeting. During the meeting, you tell your past boss that you’re looking for new work and that you’d appreciate any assistance.

The hope is that your previous boss can help you navigate today’s tough jobs market. Maybe your former boss knows of a colleague who is opening her own business in your field. He might be willing to introduce you to this colleague personally.

Or maybe your boss knows of a company that is expanding its services, opening a new division that might prove a good fit for your talents. Armed with this inside information, you can send this company a resume and a cover letter, call the human-resources department, and try to arrange an interview before the company even posts its new positions on online job search websites.

Don’t be Afraid to Network

The best thing about networking? It’s not particularly difficult to do. You simply call on past co-workers, former bosses, college professors, and local business leaders whom you already know. And with the rise of social media, you can instantly inform your business network through a site such as LinkedIn that you are looking for new work.

You might be surprised at the offers of help that result from such a simple announcement.

Many job seekers loath the idea of networking. They mistakenly think that it will turn off their business associates. Actually, most people in your business network will be happy to help you during these tough economic times.

Knowing how to Find a Job Today

Knowing where to search for jobs is the key to landing new work today. And the best place to find work? By networking with your business acquaintances.

If you need tips on networking, or any other job search advice, sign up for our Get Hired Boot Camp today. Our job search pros can give you the advice you need to find work even in these challenging times.

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  • Beverly

    Right on. Thank you for this blog. Networking, when do the right way, is still the most powerful tool to get whatever you want AND anyone can do it!

    • admin

      Thanks for commenting. Glad you agree. Networking is very important to getting a job.